Stay relevant in an online culture

A great brand combines design and conveys the company’s value messaging to evoke emotion and drive strategy.

02. SEO & DIGital marketing

Reach customers right where they are

We pride ourselves on years of experience and expertise in navigating the digital world. Our search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts result in growth for clients time and time again.

03. Web design & development

Be prepared in a digital age

More customers journeys begin online than ever before. We can help you make the right impression from the start.

Core Marketing Services

Branding Strategy

Let us help you evaluate the long-term evolution of your brand and move closer to achieving your business goals.

Digital Product Strategy

Our team develops a comprehensive digital strategy to help your brand successfully reach your target audience in an online world.

Web Design

A skilled team of web designers and developers can create beautiful and efficient custom, responsive websites to capture customer attention.

SEO & Copywriting

We understand that sound strategy and keyword research, coupled with good content is the base for efficient SEO and increased visibility


Our experts lead the pack in creating cost-efficient search engine marketing and pay-per-click campaigns that result in conversions, impression, and awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a valuable resource and can play an important role in driving traffic to your site and customers to your business. Our experts are skilled in both social media management & marketing services.


Our Name

"No one knows what it means, but it's provocative..."
Blades of Glory

Our Philosophy

We believe in the basics.

We believe in building a sustainable brand.

We believe the glass is always half full.

We believe in understanding behavior developed by a digital world.

Our Team

Our team of designers and developers work closely together to build a creative and positive working environment. With our combined skill sets and wealth of experience we find innovative solutions to even the trickiest of problems. Functionality is as important to us as aesthetics, and we aspire to be a full-stack digital innovation agency.

Collectively we have over 20 years of experience and expertise. 

Jason Stanard

Jason Stanard is the president of Consult FGC Digital Marketing & SEO company

Raneshia Lawrence

Digital Marketing Director
Raneshia is the Digital Marketing Director at Consult FGC

Josh Sutherland

Senior Graphic Designer

Olivia Wu

Social Media Manager
Olivia-Wu-Social-Media-Manager copy 2

Jenna Hill

Content Strategist
Jenna Hill is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Consult FGC


Each project is treated with attention, care, and skill. Unique plans are developed according to business goals and needs. Here are some of our most successful clients.

Achieva Credit Union is a digital marketing client of Consult FGC
Achieva Credit Union
Kratos_Full_Large (1)
Kratos Gas & Power
Columbus Physical Medicine
TPV Ninja
Workware Solutions

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